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Meshing requirements for Midas NFX 2019.07.24
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Please help me for the following :

1. What is the important mesh quality parameter for the solver ?

 I checked for the aspect ratio with threshold skew angle above 15 which shows zero poor elements . For rest of the parameters , for the default values , I have zero poor elements.

I have elements having skew angle less than 45 and also some minimum element length less than 0.0001 m.

2. In relation to Ansys CFD what is the number of elements or node required in Midas to produce similar results ?

Thank you  


답변 테이블
마이다스아이티 답변

Hello. This is Jaebok Yi in MidasIT.

1. Aspect ratio and expansion ratio are important. If you are telling about the latest model you sent me, I want to point out expansion ratio. The elements around rotating region would fine while inlet and outlet region have coarse mesh.

2. I shared the document of NFX vs. Fluent MRF result. The document includes information of mesh. However, usually, we don't check our software to match the other software.



Jaebok Yi